Our History

NEW WAY COMMUNITY CHAPEL officially commenced operation in Brisbane, Australia on Thursday 13th October 1994 with a BBQ, gathering and information evening at the Kangaroo Point cliffs in Brisbane. Then, on every Sunday evening since Sunday 16th October 1994, New Way Community Chapel has held a public Worship service.

The date, 13th October is significant because on that day in 1978 a Pastor Byram Hine. (since deceased), commenced a group then known as Crosslink Congregational Chapel. This mission has now ceased to exist but New Way Community Chapel has sought to be the continuation of that work by faithfully upholding the aims, principles and goals of Crosslink Chapel.

New Way Community Chapel is a truly open and affirming Christian Church and is totally accepting of ALL people, taking for a Covenant these words based on Matthew 22:36-40 and Luke 10:25-28:-



We would not seek to turn any person away and openly welcome;

  • People from the Gay, Lesbian, Transgender and Bi-sexual communities;

  • Those who have felt shunned by mainstream Churches; and

  • Persons who for one reason or another have been oppressed by society.

In much of the advertising undertaken by New Way Community Chapel the slogan "A place where you are always welcome" has been successfully used to describe the fundamental characteristic of the Chapel.

WE BELIEVE in God, in Jesus Christ and the Spirit as God’s power on the world today.

0UR FAITH is based on the Bible as God’s inspired word as revealed in Jesus Christ and made known to us today by the Holy Spirit.

WE SEEK to proclaim God’s unfailing love to all and would actively support social justice issues, human rites and an end to discrimination in our society.

LAY PARTICIPATION is a fundamental part of our worship and is an active expression of our concept of the PRIESTHOOD OF ALL BELIEVERS.

 As well as holding weekly Worship services, New Way Community Chapel have maintained a crisis food pantry and a social calendar with various events such as BBQ’s and fishing excursions, CityCat rides, dinners, Fish & Chip nights, video and discussion nights and including visits to individual members homes. These ‘Drop-in Nights’ are held on the third Friday and Saturday of each month, February to November. A Prayer/Bible Study/discussion group now called Sunday Dia-log is held on the third Sunday of each month February-November.  Also a monthly Worship is conducted by Pastor David at the "Tree Tops" nursing home & retirement complex in New Farm on the first Tuesday of each month (except November).

Our worship is somewhat informal and relaxed with ample time for individual expression, prayer, singing and reading from the Bible. Sermons are kept short and soundly based on the scripture portion chosen via "The Revised Common Lectionary (2000)". Each year has come under a different slogan i.e.

2006 'COME AS YOU ARE & PUT NEW WAY COMMUNITY CHAPEL 1ST IN 2006'                                                                 






Since inception New Way Community Chapel was privileged to meet in the Toc H rooms within the SWARA Complex, 61 College Road Spring Hill BRISBANE. However Sunday 29th January 2006 saw our final Worship Service in these rooms - the building having been deemed unsafe for use by the public.  On Sunday 5th February 2006, New Way Community Chapel moved to a temporary space still with the SWARA Complex (due to the generosity of SWARA). We were conveniently situated just after Roma Street Parklands but before the Normanby Five Ways. Still Services commenced at 7.OOpm but were preceded by fellowship at 6.OOpm.


The Chapel is run along venerable Congregational lines by a Business Meeting of interested parties.  Business Meetings may be called at any time to settle matters arising.  Most recently our Business Meetings have been held yearly in January. All matters arising are put, discussed and decided upon by a simple majority of persons present.  No proxy votes are received at any Buriness Meeting.  Each vote has one value.  Business Meetings are inclusive i.e. not exclusive to 'members' - all attendees have the right to speak and vote.

New Way Community Chapel is financially supported by the generosity of supporters and friends, also a free-will offering is taken at each of our gatherings.  Our financial records are transparent with financial reports and bank statements being presented at each Business Meeting.  Our accounts may be audited as required.  Signatories to our accounts are updated as required.  All monies removed from our accounts require any two signatures of those duly authorised.

The Pastor is charged with making many day-to-day decisions which may affect the Chapel.  All decisions made by the Pastor are confirmed by a future Business Meeting.

Being a not-for-profit Christian Church, New Way Community Chapel is a recognised charity by the ACNC.

Throughout 2015 New Way has sought to seek much needed added finances through the crowd funding web site GoFundMe.  Any financial support is very much appreciated.

New Way Community Chapel is not incorporated.


  • New Way Community Chapel commemorated five (5) years of ministry on Sunday 10th October 1999 with a Service of celebration followed by an evening meal at Sizzlers, Toowong. Eighteen people pictured below attended this event.
  • New Way Community Chapel celebrated our 6th Anniversary on the 15th October 2000.  Our worship time was followed by an anniversary dinner again at Sizzlers Toowong Village.
  • On the 14th October 2001 a happy group of people were among those who celebrated the 7th Anniversary of New Way Community Chapel again at Sizzlers - Toowong Village.
  • 26 People attended the New Way Community Chapel 8th Anniversary on Sunday the 13th October 2002 with a smorgasbord dinner at 5:30 pm and a Worship Service at 7 pm.  Father Illtyd Loveluck was the guest speaker and Mr. Rex Bowen the soloist. 
  • The ninth (9th) Anniversary of New Way Community Chapel was held on 12th October 2003.  Eighteen (18) people attended and Pastor David Morris was the guest speaker.
  • Ten (10) years of service and ministry to the community was celebrated by New Way Community Chapel on Sunday 10th October 2004.  Twenty-one (21) people attended a smorgasbord dinner which was followed by a Worship Service.  A choir was formed to sing at this occasion and Fr. Illtyd Loveluck was the guest speaker.
  • Our 11th Anniversary took place on Sunday 9th October 2005 when twenty-three (23) people happily joined together to celebrate this milestone in our history.  Our Worship Service was preceded by sumptuous meal prepared by Dorothy.  Lewis from the Twelfth Night Theatre was our guest speaker on this occasion.

 Since inception New Way Community Chapel was privileged to meet in the Toc H rooms within the SWARA Complex, 61 College Road Spring Hill BRISBANE. 

Sunday 30th July 2006 was the final night for New Way in the College Road premises.

As from Sunday 6th August 2006, New Way Community Chapel will meet at 351 Wickham Terrace Spring Hill which is next to the Theosophical Society but entry is via Lilley Street Spring Hill in a room under and at the rear of The Liberal Catholic Church.  New Way Community Chapel still gathers at 6.00pm for fellowship and from 7.00pm for Worship every Sunday night of the year at our meeting space in Wickham Terrace.  Discussions are under way regarding our meeting times.

  • On the 8th October 2006 twenty-three (23) people celebrated the 12th anniversary of New Way Community Chapel.  The Celebration Worship Service was preceded at 5.00pm by a picnic-in-the-park held across the road from our new Worship venue in the Roma Street Parklands precinct on Wickham Terrace.  Our guest speaker for the Worship Service was Rev. Jim Tame.  After the Worship Service a joyous season of fellowship took place.  Tea, coffee and delicious fruit cake made by Kevin was served to all.
  • The 13th Anniversary celebrations of New Way Community Chapel were held on Sunday 7th October 2007.  Sixteen (16) people enjoyed an interesting Worship Service of celebration which concluded with supper.  Robert constructed a floral arrangement accompanied by words of encouragement and Pastor David gave the gospel message entitled "ANNIVERSARIES - A Special Time" based on Luke 17:5, 6 & 2 Timothy 1:1-14.  Pastor David reflected on the Anniversaries of when he met many of the People of New Way for the first time and the years that had past.  He ended his message referring to words from Hebrews 12 saying; "If we never take our eyes off Jesus, on whom our faith depends from start to finish, then he will lead us on into the future of New Way Community Chapel.  Anniversaries are special times in our lives.  At this 13th Anniversary let us each resolve to always keep our eyes on Jesus the author and perfecter of our faith." 
  • On Sunday the 12th of October 2008, New Way Community Chapel celebrated 14 years of ministry.  Twelve (12) people attended this event.  In our Worship, Mr Trevor Bond was the speaker.  Trevor urged us on to grasp and seek new opportunities and go for growth in years ahead.  The gathering was followed by supper.


  • A happy and excited crowd gathered at New Way Community Chapel on Sunday 11th October 2009 to celebrate the fifteenth anniversary of New Way Community Chapel.  The evening commenced with a finger-food fellowship at 5.30pm.  Dr Wendell Rosevear OAM was our invited guest for the celebrations.  Nineteen (19) people gathered for our Thanksgiving Worship Service at 7.00pm.  The worship time commenced with a song written especially for the night by Trevor;


Fifteen years God has been leading,

All has been well,

Through His Son He has been pleading,

All doubts to quell.

New Way Chapel has been growing,

Christian faith it has been sewing,

Looking back, we have been knowing,

All will be well.


We are thankful for each other,

All has been well,

Turning friends into a brother,

With yarns to tell.

Strengthening our faith together,

Holding fast what ‘er the weather,

New Way is a gentle tether,

All will be well.


We have joined to praise our Saviour,

All has been well,

He will change our gross behaviour,

From grace we fell,

New Way leads us to the good life,

Overcoming pain and all strife,

Piercing sin just like a gold knife,

All will be well.


God has spoken through our preacher,

All has been well,

He has strengthened him as teacher,

Striving like hell.

All are welcome here at New Way,

Faith will give a dawning new day,

Even now to face come what may,

All will be well.


We can face a bright tomorrow,

All will be well.

Through some tears and through some sorrow,

All will be well.

With Lord Jesus there to guide us,

New Way will be there beside us,

Overcoming sin that tried us,

All will be well.

 Each person quietly and thoughtfully hung on every word that Dr Wendell spoke. Firstly he spoke about his own life journey, his work and achievements. Then later in our Worship Dr Wendell brought to us a message which centered around truth and love.  This is a quote from Dr Wendell;

 "The more we love, the more we know God, the more we judge, the less we know God. I am so glad I believe in a loving God, not a vindictive God. Christians who run their lives on fear haven't read 1 John 4 where it says " Perfect love casts out fear.... there is no fear in Love." 

 Our worship time concluded with the whole congregation enthusiastically singing;

I am thine, O Lord;
I have heard thy voice,
And it told thy love to me; 
but I long to rise in the arms of faith, 
and be close drawn to thee.

Draw me nearer, nearer, nearer, blessed Lord 
to the cross where thou hast died; 
draw me nearer, nearer, nearer blessed Lord, 
to thy precious bleeding side.

 Our 15th Anniversary celebrations were capped off with yummy supper the highlight of which was some delicious muffins cooked by Vince.

 Now, we look forward to the coming years of New Way Community Chapel knowing that "All Will be Well" with us as we travel onwards under God's guidance and care.

  • On the 17th October 2010 we gathered to celebrate our 16th Anniversary with our guest, Mr Ray O'Brien from the group 'No Cover Charge'. Ray and 'No Cover Charge' minister at the Sandgate Uniting Church.  Ray enlivened the congregation of 12 people who attended our Worship time with choruses sung both solo and as a congregation.  Ray closed our Thanksgiving Worship with a short message and we all sang "All People that on Earth do Dwell".
  • Shelley Argent OAM PFLAG and her neighbour Kathleen joined us for our 17th Anniversary.  Shelley spoke to us of her experiences of being a mother of a gay son who decided to 'come out'.  Shelley shared  with us the anguish, pain and joy of this experience which led Shelley  to become involved with Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG).  Shelley led the Brisbane PFLAG for many years and was a vocal advocate for gay and lesbian rights.  (Shelley is now the national spokesperson for PFLAG Australia.) Kathleen also shared with us a similar story. All fifteen (15) people present at our worship keenly felt the sincerity of Shelley and Kathleen's words which conveyed to us their struggle, their questioning, their pain and their unconditional love.  Questions were asked and a few tears shed.

     During the Worship time Trevor sang 'Amazing Grace' and we all sung 'Trust and Obey' to conclude our Worship.

  • 18 years of New Way Community Chapel was celebrated on Sunday 14 October 2012.  Ianri Thiel was our guest on this occasion.  The evening of celebration commenced with our version of a High Tea.   Eighteen (18) people joined us throughout the evening.  In our Worship entitled 'A Celebration of Praise with Thanksgiving', all present were moved as Lem and Tracey sang "When I survey the Wondrous Cross", Psalm 90 was read by Pastor David and Brian; each verse being read first in English (Pastor David) then in Mandarin (Brian).  Inari spoke to us plainly from the scriptures - "with God nothing is impossible" (Matthew 19:26, Mark 10:27).

Our Worship time concluded with the singing of "O brother man, fold to thy heart thy brother" to the tune of 'O Danny Boy' and expertly accompanied by our key board player, Naomi. 

  • The 19th Anniversary of New Way Community Chapel was billed as "A Celebration of Faithfullness".  Our 19th Anniversary was held on the 13th October 2013.  Fourteen (14) people attended the Celebration.  Pictures of this event are on our Facebook page.  The highlight of the night was a duet sung by Naomi and Benadine.  Pastor David spoke to the congregation about "Faithfulness" and he urged everyone to 'keep the faith' even during tough and uncertain times.
  • CHANGES FROM THE BEGINNING OF 2014.  Owing to our financial situation and a fall in attendances,  we decided to make changes to the format of New Way Community Chapel.  Our decisions meant that Sunday Services were no longer held.  New Way Community Chapel now meets on the first Wednesday of each and every month from 6.30pm.  We still will meet under The Liberal Catholic Church, 315 Wickham Terrace Spring Hill.  The format of our gatherings will vary from month-to-minth with discussion nights to video clips and regular worship times with Communion on occasions.  A full and up-to-date listing of all our Events is published under "Events" on this web site. 
  • THE 20 YEARS OF NEW WAY COMMUNITY CHAPEL........ A joyous celebration of praise set the scene for the 20th Anniversary of New Way Community Chapel.  Our guest was Mr Ray O'Brien a guitarist (who also Joined us for our 16th Anniversary).  Thirteen (13) people joined in our Anniversary held on Wednesday 2 October 2014.  Ray kept us all singing at a fine tempo and joy and gladness filled the night as our praises rang out for the 20 years of New Way Community Chapel.  Adapted words of "What a Wonderful World' began the night thus;         

    I see trees of green, red roses too
    I see them bloom for me and you
    And I think to myself what a wonderful world.

    I see skies of blue and clouds of white
    The bright blessed day, the dark sacred night
    And I think to myself what a wonderful world.

    The colors of the rainbow so pretty in the sky
    Are also on the faces of people going by
    I see friends shaking hands saying how do you do
    They're really saying I love you.

    I hear babies crying, I watch them grow
    They'll learn much more than I'll never know
    And I think to myself what a wonderful world


    For twenty years, for me and for you

    We’ve seen God’s hand, His beauty too

    and I think to myself, what a wonderful world!    


    Gods work abounds, for me and for you ....

    The wonders of nature, its beauty too.....

    and I think to myself, what a wonderful world!    

    Yes I think to myself what a wonderful world.




Pastor David spoke about "Jesus loves your church, do you?".  His message was based on 1 Kings 8.11 "The Glory of the Lord filled the house of the Lord".  Pastor David urged his hearers to not just fill a pew when in Church but to fill God's house with heartfelt praise.  Drawing on this happening in Solomon's temple the glory of the Lord was only evident when the people; 1) Confessed their sins, 2) Humbled themselves, 3) Prayed and 4) Gave sacrificially.  Indeed the people brought 22,000 oxen, 120,000 sheep - the largest sacrifice recorded in the Bible.  Pastor David urged everyone to follow this example - to open their hand and hearts and purse to God by confessing, by being humble, by praying and by giving sacrificially.  Then and only then will God be revealed and will God presence be felt and seen, he said.  Pastor reminded the congregation that Jesus loves New Way Community Chapel and so should we.  We should also welcome the Lord's presence among us too.


The evenening ended with rousing singing of "I been Redeemed";

I’ve been redeemed [I’ve been redeemed]

By the blood of the lamb [by the blood of the lamb]

I’ve been redeemed [I’ve been redeemed]

and I know I am [and I know I am]

I’ve been redeemed by the blood of the lamb

Saved from sin and I know I am

All my sins are taken away, praise the Lord




When I went down [when I went down]
To the valley to pray [to the valley to pray]
I met the Lord [I met the Lord]

I met the lord and I stayed all day [and I stayed all day]

When I went down to the valley to pray.

All my sins are taken away,
Praise the Lord




On Calvary [on Calvary]

Jesus died for me [Jesus died for me].

He bled and died [he bled and died]

Just to set me free [just to set me free]

On Calvary Jesus died for me

He bled and died just to set me free

All my sins were taken away, praise the Lord.




Some verses were sung not once, not twice but three times!   We must thank Ray O'Brien for making our praise so lively and vibrant.

Each of the 13 people present gave hearty thanks for the existance of New Way Community Chapel for the past 20 years.  Aslo quite thoughtfully during our Worship we remembered those who had gone before us and contributed to our fellowship in different ways.

The future - our future is in the hands of our Lord and of each and every person who choses to call New Way Community Chapel their spirtitual home.  We now continue on into our 21st year...


The 21st Anniversary of New Way Community was held on Wednesday 7th October 2015.   Seven (7) people attended our celebration.  On the occasion of our Anniversary, we were pleased to welcome a new person to our Chapel - Neil.  We hope he continues to fellowship with us.

We shared some memories of our past 21 years, sang some choruses, and a favourite song "Deep in the Human Heart".  We look forward to positive change, growth and good fellowship and many blessings together in our 22nd year.


 On 15 November 2015 New Way Community Chapel become a member of the Queensland Congregational Fellowship.


 On 6 April 2016 Robert Speirs was installed as our Assiatant Pastor.


 22nd Anniversary - A few people gathered at New Way Community Chapel to celebrate our 22nd Anniversary on Wednesday 5th October 2016.  This service was also a time of thanksgiving for the dedicated service of Pastor David who gave his last 22 years to the leadership of New Way Community Chapel.  Pastor David is now retired but he still provides oversight and advice to New Way Community Chapel.