Meet The Pastor

Pastor David spent much of his formative years in Paddington, Brisbane where he became connected with the local Salvation Army. He was educated at Ithaca Creek State School and at The Gap High School and enjoyed a lengthy and successful career with the Brisbane City Council spanning thirty (30) years.

David has always been interested in Social Justice issues and was a participant in the moratorium marches against the Vietnam war in the sixties and also engaged in the early discussions and meetings of QAGLR which began pressing for the rights of Gays and Lesbians in Queensland.

In 1987 David left The Salvation Army, having held positions of Deputy Band Master, Acting Songster Leader and Corps Sergeant Major, to pursue his Christian service in other avenues. He soon met up with Pastor Byram Hine, an Urban Missionary, operating Crosslink Congregational Chapel where they both shared in the ministry until Byram's untimely death In February 1989. As Chairperson of Crosslink Congregational Chapel, David then assumed responsibility for the ministry and operations of Crosslink until 13th February 1994.

David undertook Theological studies at Trinity Theological College which is operated by The Uniting Church in Australia. After a personal struggle with cancer, David was approached in June 1994 by a group of concerned, dispirited persons to commence another group as Crosslink, at that time, was failing to keep true to its original mission and was not meeting the needs of many people.
New Way Community Chapel commenced and David was called to be the first Pastor. A service for the blessing of New Way Community Chapel and for the Commissioning (ordination) of Pastor David was conducted on 4th June 1995 by an Anglican priest, Farther David Goddard.
Pastor David now carries on the work of a Christian minister freely offering his services, knowledge and administrative ability to New Way Community Chapel. Also, he has been padre to Toc H — Brisbane Branch. The Pastor visits the sick, provides counselling as required, conducts weekly Worship services and administers communion fortnightly, inducts people into membership, conducts Baptisms, funerals and marriages since 11.5.1999 (Authorisation No. A4780), undertakes occasional speaking engagements and conducts commitment ceremonies for Gay and Lesbian couples as requested. Pastor David is also a Reiki practitioner.

Assistant Pastor Rob

Rob Speirs, 54 years of age. He has just completed a Masters in Theology from Newcastle University - he posits a liberationist theology that is inclusive of all people. He muses over the fact that mainstream churches, whilst struggling to meet their quotas regarding getting people interested in becoming clergy, still openly discourage and reject queer folk from pursuing leadership roles in the church... He said; “Today we see the church universal having been found guilty over issues of child abuse, apathetic towards their role in minimalising domestic violence, their continuing narratives regarding so-called legitimate homophobia and reinforcing heterosexist role plays - can now no longer claim a legitimate role in furthering the best outcomes for a community of many varied folk. In many ways the church represents the brokenness of many institutions that have failed their communities. But the queer community would be wrong to see no value in the church. The church is on a journey of reflection in trying to understand why the church has failed in meeting the needs of modernity and not having yet realised the church’s message of the Christ event represents a 2000 year failure towards inclusion... However, the recent theologies of liberation that include black, women, Asian, indigenous -  and now queers speak to the church of the need for inclusion... and in order to do so, the church now needs to be open and affirming towards queer folk - so that church may yet become the more properly church.